About myself

My name is Thomas Ahlander and I was born 1943, in Gothenburg , Sweden. Today, I live in Alingsås. A nice little town, about 30 miles north of Gothenburg. I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, but only as a hobby and for recreation.  Like most young boys, in the early fifties, I loved American cars and I still do.   I started to paint pictures of these fabulous beauties, still as a hobby, but  2006, when I retired from my working life, I decided to try and establish myself as an artist, with cars and motor bikes as my speciality.  I paint old and classic American cars, but also sports cars from various eras. Both classic and modern. Mostly, I find my ojects, at vintage- and sports car meeting events and exhibitions and I often visit these events, to create contact with enthusiasts and owners of classic vehicles. I take a lot of photos at these events and meetings and uses mostly one or two pictures as the basis for my portraits.            

When painting cars and motor bikes,  I prefer using watercolours, but sometimes when I work with larger paintings, I prefer acrylic and oil.         

This webgallery, has also become known among classic vehicle owners and from this, I often get orders for portaits of both motorcycles and old cars. Summertime, I also devote myself, painting from the nature. Then mostly from the west coast islands of Sweden. Sometimes, also portraits of old boats. 

  To sum up this small presentation, I just want to say that I love old cars and I love to paint and I hope my art work on this website, shows some of this love and passion.


Welcome to my webgallery


How to order a painting

For a portrait, I will need one or two pictures of the object. The easiest way is to send it to my e-mail: tahlande@hotmail.com.

The price for an original watercolour painting, mounted in mat, size approx. 15X20 in (40X50 cm): EUR 350  (postage/handl. incl.)




Thomas Ahlander, Jungmansgatan 8 B,  S-44139 Alingsås, Sweden


E-mail: tahlande@hotmail.com